Different Types of Escorts


There are very many types of escorts in the market today. The clients might not know the difference if they are not well informed about them. However, the girls know themselves and the agencies as well. Therefore, I felt it would just be fair to list down some of the various common types of escorts. The difference mostly comes in the services they offer and we should also do a list of their services as well. These include;

  • Erotic massage escorts

The moment you call an agency and request for a Mykonos escort who is able to offer you all types of massages, you will get exactly that. However, there are some clients who are very specific that all what they need is erotic massage. It is very important to understand that there some Mykonos escorts who will offer you great erotic massage but will not have sex with you. Therefore, if what you need is an escort who will take it to the end, it is very important to be specific.

  • A girlfriend type of escort

This might seem so odd and humorous at the same time but it is the reality. There are many Mykonos escorts who only operate as girlfriend escorts. They will accompany you to dinner, take to the dance floor with you and everything else a girlfriend can do. In fact these girls have even the right of arguing with you and being jealous when you give attention to any other woman when still with her.

There are very many advantages of hiring a girlfriend escort. This is more if you recently lost your girlfriend or are not able to handle her the way she deserves. A few dates with Mykonos girlfriend escorts will be enough to make you an expert in dealing with girls.

  • A companion

Just as the name suggests, some Mykonos escorts only work or operate as companions. This means, they might not be the girl you were looking for to have a special intimate night with. However, she will be the perfect girl to take along on that special dinner date. She will be close by your side when dealing with that serious business deal and many other services except sex and intimacy.


There are some companions who are so strict that they cannot allow you to even give them a kiss. The furthest you can go is a simple hug and a pec. Therefore, when ordering for an escort, be very sure of what you’re getting yourself into.

Date: November 18, 2021